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5 top tips for a tip-top room makeover

Tired of the same four walls? No longer loving your lounge and finding your dining room more yawn-some than awesome? You could move home, but that’s a little over the top, especially when you could just make a few changes to your interior. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of time on improving your home, you can achieve so much in just one day! Tackle one room at a time and soon you will have a whole home that you can’t wait to show off.

Lose the Clutter.

It’s time for a clear out – banish the clutter and throw out the things you no longer need, want or love. It sounds harsh but if it doesn’t serve a purpose or ignite positive feelings then it’s time to bid it farewell. Old and tired furniture can really date a room, as can too many ornaments or nick-nacks. Have a sort out and sell the nicer items or give them away (charity is good for your soul)!

The Paper Trail.

Change the wallpaper – or paper one feature wall. Changing the pattern or design can really lift your room. If you’ve always played it safe with magnolia and neutrals go for something new – greenery and botanicals are hot right now, as is faux effect wallpaper – think brick and slate for maximum impact. 

Light up Your World.

No-one wants to inhabit a dark and dull room, fill your space with light and you will see a massive difference. Natural light can be encouraged by cleaning windows and taking down heavy curtains (blinds and voiles offer a lighter option). Also consider alternative lighting options – say goodbye to the dusty lightshade in favour of a contemporary lamp, good lighting can really brighten up a space.

Check out the MCL-R6 Style Contemporary Pendant Lamp by VOGA. Inspired by Serge Mouille, this Six-headed light fixture can illuminate the largest spaces.  

Colour It In.

Colour can influence your mood and is often associate to certain feelings e.g. red is linked to passion and white to purity. Green symbolises newness and is thought of as restful, whereas orange is associated with high energy and enthusiasm.

Adding a new colour to one wall or all of your walls can really change the feel of a room – but if that seems like too much work just add a splash of colour. A new rug, or cushions will liven things up – or check out furniture in your chosen hue.

We love the Ox Chair from VOGA. Inspired by Hans J. Wegner, the Ox Chair makes a powerful statement. Choose from premium Italian leather or soft cashmere, in white, black, grey, or (our favourite) zesty orange.

In a Fix.

If there’s a piece of furniture or an object that you have a special place for in your heart (even though it’s past it’s best), then allocate some time for repairs and improvements. You can paint picture frames and upholster chairs in bright new fabric. Not everything can be fixed but revamping a few old pieces and adding a few new ones you will result in an interesting and eclectic interior.

Makeover Your Room VOGA Style.

Here at VOGA we like the idea of updating and making the best of interiors. Come and take a look at our beautiful mid-century and Scandinavian inspired furniture, with a focus on renowned designers from around the globe. We have stylish interiors to suit every taste, and we’re sure you will find complementary pieces that will bring out the best in your home.

Add a touch of class to your home and freshen up with VOGA.