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Away the cobwebs – spring is here

Are you a bit of a clean queen? Like to spend your days scrubbing and mopping like your life depends on it? With the ever increasing “home improvement” style shows on TV sucking up the air time, we are being exposed to celebrities (and wannabe celebrities) advocating the virtues of a beautiful home. Although we are not sure how many of them actually don their own rubber gloves for a spot of deep down toilet cleaning - we suspect more than a handful rely on a little bit of paid “domestic help.”

We all love the idea of freshening up for spring, we just don’t like all the effort that goes with it. But let’s face it what can be nicer than walking into a home that smells as fresh as a daisy and feels so welcoming that you want to kick off your shoes and stay forever? You too can make your home feel that way, follow our simple room by room guide and spring your home into spring.

Love Your Lounge.
Carpets looking dowdy? Rugs a little ragged? Sometimes running around with the vacuum just won’t cut it. Consider getting someone in to clean the carpets (or hire a carpet cleaner yourself). You will be surprised by the amount of dirt you will suck up, it might even prompt you to request visitors slip off their shoes in the future! Blinds and curtains can be real dust traps so make sure you tackle those too. Wipe down the paintwork and clean the windows – let that light in! Don’t underestimate the impact one or two pieces of new furniture can have on a space. A new sofa can really lift a room, check out the Florence Knoll Style Corner Sofa from VOGA. It comes in fresh shades of grey and you can opt for wool or premium leather.

Kick Back in Your Kitchen.
Kitchens take a lot of punishment, how many times each day do you wipe down the countertops? Food crumbs get everywhere and the floor fairs no better! It’s easy to miss spots when there’s so much to do. Sometimes less is more in a kitchen – keep it sleek but make the most of your space – turn a spare worktop into a breakfast bar with the addition of a couple of stools. We like the Wire Bar Stools from VOGA. Inspired by Harry Bertoia these stools are versatile and robust – a great mix of striking design and practical functionality. Finish off your space with a flourish – put up a new blind and invest in a few new storage jars.

Do Over Your Dining Room.
Sitting around the table for a family meal may feel like something you don’t get to do often enough, so make sure when you do it feels special. Don’t fill the table with paperwork or plonk ironing on the chairs. You are more likely to use the space if it’s clutter free. If you can’t fit everyone around your table it could be time for a new one. If you are looking for a centrepiece that’s eye catching take a look at the Piet Haim inspired Super Elliptical Table from VOGA. This is a striking piece that can stand the test of boisterous family meal times. Make sure there’s room for all, actually you had better get a few extra dining chairs too! The Series 7 Chair from VOGA is inspired by Arne Jacobsen and looks almost to good to plonk your backside on. Choose from 8 stylish colors and stack them high ready for surprise dinner guests!  

Let VOGA Inspire Your Spring Style.
Here at VOGA we like to embrace spring and all it has to offer. Call it a re-awakening, call it a revival, call it whatever you please, but let’s welcome it with open arms. Come and take a look at our beautiful mid-century and Scandinavian inspired furniture, with a focus on designers from around the world. We have stylish interiors to suit every taste, and we’re sure you will find complementary pieces that will bring out the best in your home.

Spring is in the air –make the most of it with VOGA.