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Breathe in and breathe out... clean air

Having a bar air day at home? It's time for you to remove the clothespin off your nose and instead try these common household items to deodorise those pesky smells in the abode.

spray odour home

Apple cider vinegar for your drains

We know that apple cider vinegar has many effective benefits and here is another. Pour a half cup down any drain and remove those uninvited unpleasant smells back to where they belong. It also blasts away yucky odours that seep up from sewers.

little greene sink kitchen

Vanilla extract for freezers

Soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract then swipe it around the inside of your freezer. The scent of heavenly fresh ice cream instantly replaces the reek of leftover foods. What a cool way to fix up those funny odours!

vanilla extract

Ground coffee for the fridge

Tonight's salmon is currently defrosting in the fridge but you cannot bear to open the fridge each time you wanna grab a snack. We have just the solution for this. Fill a nylon stocking (or a mug) with ground coffee and toss it inside the back of the fridge. The invigorating and joyous scent overpowers odours from cheese, fish, meat, and other harsh-scented foods. Besides, the smell of coffee is some-what therapeutic.

inside fridge

Baking soda for the inside of your trainers

Is your nose ready to run for the hills when taking out those barely worn trainers from underneath your bed? Sprinkle baking soda inside each one and allow them to rest overnight. In the morning, tap the powder off outside and the horrid stenches would have now vanished away. Now wear your beloved trainers with pride!

khaki vans

House plants for rooms

Lastly, when all horrid odours have shooed away, liven up the ambient aroma of your home with houseplants. Arabian Jasmine and Gardenia are two which are highly recommended to have your home smelling pleasant and fresh - and look lovely inside your abode too!

look lovely inside your abode

Check out these side tables to place your stylish and healthy house plants on and add a vibrant atmosphere to your home.

acapulco table blue

tulip round side table

warren platner side table

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