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Cocktail month: london

Let's raise a glass as we have made it to a new month! We don't know about you but can we please take a second to realise that there are only 4 months left until 2018?! Mind. Is. Blown.

elledecor cocktail glass

Let's celebrate this new month with a cheeky cocktail or two as Cocktail Month has arrived in London! With over 80 bars participating - and many more to be announced this month - you will no longer have to consult on what to do on your Friday (or Tuesday) night as this will have you sorted if you are in the City this August.

bar drinks

Be sure to find a bar in Central, North, East, South and West London that is sure to shake up (or stir) your favourite cocktail at incredible prices and offers. This is one to be enjoyed this summer!

bar london skyline

To celebrate cocktail month, we wanted to share an exciting way for you to share your drinks at home with family and friends. Although slightly time consuming, these are super fun and a great way to bring some life to your drinks... Frozen Flower Ice Cubes!

ice cubes flower

What you will need:

- Edible flowers

- A silicone ice cube tray (which have big molds as the ice will melt slower).

flowers tray

Cut up the flowers into confetti-like sizes and place them face down in the ice cube tray. Pour the water into each cube square in your tray. Press the flowers into the water - some tend to stick out and this is perfectly fine!

edible flowers

Freeze them until fully solid.

Remove them from the tray et voila! You have yourself some stunning ice cubes to wow your guests!theglitterguide flowers cup

The great thing about these ice cubes is that you can prepare them in advance and store them for any future parties you may be hosting!

Check out these spectactular dining tables, perfect for your cocktail party!

eames dsw table

tulip oval dining table

platner inspired dining table

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images from pinterest, tumblr, etsy, elledecor, tripadvisor, theglitterguide