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Designer spotlight: arne jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen (1902 - 1971)

If Arne Jacobsen is a new name around the home with regards to interior décor you’re in for a treat. What you should first know is he considered himself to be an architect (and he was a brilliant one at that). Born in Denmark in 1902 one of his earliest achievements dates back to 1929 when he was finally recognised as a “man of the future” in design and won an award for the building he produced.

Arne Jacobsen

If you’re interested, said building was a private home which had a flat roof, was made from concrete and glass, and believe it or not, was spiral in shape. Aside from incorporating luxury areas such as a helicopter pad and boathouse, the home also included windows that rolled down just like a car. Oh, and there must be mention of the conveyor tube which was responsible for delivering the mail!

Arne Jacobsen House of the Future

Interestingly, designing furniture had already won him an award back in 1925 when he was still studying and a silver award at that. This was some mean feat for a chap who was still in his early 20’s.

However, you’re not here just to find out more about the designer that’s piqued your interest when adding some furniture to your home that’s just a little bit different, but also timeless in design. Although, having a little trivia to add when friends admire that new chair or lamp won’t hurt! So, without further ado let’s take a look at some of the chairs, sofas, and lamps (both table and floor) that might just take your fancy:

The Swan Sofa and Chair

Jacobsen Swan Chair

Both of these items of furniture are iconic of the type of design Arne Jacobsen is famous for. The finished look is that of clean yet classic lines, and is highly contemporary without being too upper-class. Although both designs were used in various areas of the Royal Hotel which is based in Copenhagen (another building Jacobsen is famous for designing).

The term “swan” comes from the overall look which replicate the shape of a swan. This only adds to the classic design whilst at the same-time mixes super modern with retro in a way only Jacobsen could achieve.

AJ Floor Lamp

AJ Floor Lamp

A true inspiration in the world of floor lamps, this design from Arne Jacobsen is the perfect answer if you like to read. This is due to the design of the shade which can be directed almost any way you like. As with all the furniture offered by this designer, it has clean lines and blends into your décor but, at the same time adds a little “je ne sais quoi” to the interior.

For those of you who are interested in knowing more about the inspiration behind the overall design, our Danish friend specifically made this lamp for the Royal Hotel in 1960. Incidentally, if you would like to add another piece of interesting trivia when explaining where this unusual yet stylish lamp came from, it’s worth knowing the base was designed so an ashtray could be placed there.

Of course, these days people are unlikely to use this ingenious piece of “architecture” but it is nice to know they’re available exactly as they were originally designed.<

I Want One! (Or Two)

So, having read this far you’re obviously interested in adding an Arne Jacobsen piece (or two) to your interior décor. Perhaps you’ve already heard of the egg chair in which case you’ll already know this is one of the more famous items of furniture you can buy. When it first appeared in a highly regarded hotel in the late 1950’s it was admired for its graceful style as well as incredible comfort.

Egg Chair

You may not know however, that you can also buy what is aptly named the golden egg chair. This piece was introduced back in 2008 to celebrate the 50th (or golden) anniversary of Jacobsen’s legacy.

The swan chair, swan sofa and AJ floor lamp can all be found at Voga and at prices most people can afford. Plus, you can choose a wide range of colours from classic black to stunning orange. If you want to add a bit of luxury to your piece, choose the finish in cashmere.

Of course, here at Voga we’re not all about selling these brilliant designs in furniture, we’re also passionate about the designers we feature. Arne Jacobsen was a man not just about satisfying every interior décor “addict’s” dream, he was also about architecture which should never be forgotten.