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Eero saarinen

As a born-leader in the design industry, Eero Saarinen is an iconic name in the world of high-end furniture and architecture. So by nature of his legacy, any home that showcases his work becomes immediately synonymous with taste and prestige. Is your space lacking that much-needed spice? Well, owning a Saartinen piece is a great start to giving your home a trendier feel. However, as an owner, you should familiarize yourself with the designer’s background to truly cultivate your appreciation for his style.


Raised by family blessed with creative talent, Saartinen was destined to become an artistic visionary. His father was a renowned architect and his mother, a sculptor, providing a strong network of inspiration that paved the pathway to his passion for design. Between 1931 and 1934, he studied architecture at Yale University, studying various classic forms of design.

Yet, it was his natural penchant for originality that ignited the richly modern style that made him famous. You can immediately recognize a Saartinen piece by his use of sensual curvatures and romantic influences, combined with a brilliant tendency to contrast pops of color against black surfaces. Collectively, his approach creates an aesthetically inviting furniture that ingeniously breathes life, and even a feel of trendiness, to any space.

Why go faux Saarinen?

Unsurprisingly, the price tag on a true Saarinen piece is overwhelming. Nevertheless, you may still enjoy the caliber of his designs at the VOGA  furniture store. Bringing decor-lovers the experience of owning a Saarinen piece, VOGA offers gorgeous replicas of his furniture.

Saarinen chair designs

The Tulip Chair  a beautiful testament to his style. Influenced by nature and organic lines, it features a slightly swivelled back rest with a gracefully pouring stand that bells into a pond-like base. His ability to combine the visual qualities of nature into a modern furniture design is truly mesmerising. The seat features a cozy cushion, available in a variety of colours to match the palette of your space.

Tulip table and chairs

You can hire an interior designer to assist you in choosing the ideal color for the room, or you may speak to a decorating specialist at Voga for assistance.

For those who have a funkier taste in furniture, the Executive Style Side Chair makes a fine choice. Again, using his mastery of graceful edges, the chair offers that captivating style we adore. Available in wool or standard leather, it makes a natural addition to your office space. You may also choose to order this piece in grey, red or black-- a modern color scheme that suggests a fashionable atmosphere.  

Saarinen stool

Womb chair and stool

If you’ve got a soft spot for designs that are particularly unique, you may consider his Womb Style Chair Stool. Featuring a funky vintage feel, it’s crafted with romantically flowing contours and a swelling cushion for an overall dynamic look. Here, you can precisely see Saarinen’s fixation with creating the the perfect curves. For him, every surface offers the opportunity for expression, making all the difference between a mere stool, versus a conversation-worthy work of art.

Saarinen table

If your taste veers more toward sophistication, the Tulip Round Side Table makes a noticeably chic statement. Available in fiberglass, it looks just like white marble-- a classic symbol of status and style. And similar to the Tulip Black Chair, it features his famous trademark: his plunging stand.

Tulip table

Unlike other stands which bell outward, a Saarinen one is crafted with visually pleasing sensuality. Although it is a delicate detail, this approach makes the overall peice miles more attractive than any standard base. As Saarinen spent years studying the positive visual effects of lines, he was able to craft some of the most harmonious structures ever seen.

As a serious connoisseur of furniture, knowing about your designers means everything. Besides, how else can you fascinate your guests with your impressive furniture choices? Even if  you’re not formally educated in Arts and Design, you can still feel confident making informed selections of furniture. Use your knowledge of Saarinen and his background to consider his work from an informed standpoint.