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Garden bliss

It’s that time of year when our plants and flowers are in full bloom but how about the maintenance and care that is involved too? Are we attentive of the growth of our pretty outdoor flowers? Here we share our tips on how to take care of your outdoor plants and flowers.

garden flowers

Disclaimer: A lot of time and effort is required (and money)!

urple flowers

Spending most of your time indoors this summer? Get those legs working and enjoy some sun and walk around your garden a few times a week to visually check for any pests and diseases. Starting off with this will enable you to encounter any issues before they become a huge problem.

If the issue is encountered and you can see that it can be tamed without too much hassle, then spray an insecticide, fungicide or weedkiller. Take this tip from us and do said spraying during the evening as it will absorb the chemicals rather than during the day where it may evaporate.


Take good care of your plants by watering them on a regular basis - in other words treat your plants and flowers as if they were that extra child in the household.

As well as water, we also recommend feeding your flowers and plants with a strong fertiliser as this extra push will help to fight off pests and disease problems.

flowers garden

We saved the worst for until last... With summer in bloom, snails and slugs are MAJOR problems for the growth and healthiness of your plants and flowers. Be sure to protect your most cherished and precious prized possessions with a liquid slug killer to avoid your beautiful vibrant garden to be infested with uninvited guests.

pink orchids

Is your garden all ready for the summer? Well then have a look at these items which are the perfect finishing touch for your garden to be full of life.

acapulco table green

bertoia inspired wire chair

tolix t4 stol

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