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Make your kitchen feel and look more spacious

So it has been said "good things come in small packages" - not a fair point for those who have a kitchen big enough to fit in all the necessities and nooks you need for your kitchen area. If your kitchen appears to be more cramped than convenient these days, then take a step back to progress forward.

Certain changes can go a long way to achieving a bigger feel to your kitchen.

Read below and find out how to have the dream kitchen with these easy tips (no wall removal required)!

Dream kitchen

Let in natural light

The view from a kitchen window should always lead to an outdoorsy landscape. If you love your plants and flowers then hang these just outside of your window to have a pleasant view each time you are whipping up an irresistible meal. Refrain from using heavy dark curtains and blinds and instead switch them for sheer curtains or a light and bright valance. The extra light will not only visually expand your kitchen but will also allow the fresh breeze to circulate around your space.

kitchen natural light

Choose reflective appliances

Shiny surfaces can bounce light and ultimately make any kitchen feel spacious. You can also add reflectivity by means of installing a glass tile back-splash which will create a beautiful illusion paired with under cabinet lighting.

cabinet lighting

Go for glass-cabinet doors

Glass front doors can add visual depth as your gaze is drawn deep within the cabinet rather than stopping at the door - the illusion of a bigger space created!
If you opt for glass cabinet drawers just make sure everything is appealing to the eye (no mismatch mugs)!

kitchen space glass cabinet

Create space with neutral colours

Create a sense of openness with pale shades of grey, light yellows, creams, nudes and whites just to name a few. While it creates an open space it also has an inviting feel to your kitchen space and allowing your utensils and accessories within the kitchen to stand out that bit more.

home bunch grey kitchen

Feeling inspired that you have saved yourself the hassle of knocking down that wall knowing that you were already in 2 minds about it? Use these functional tips for yourself in your space and see what a difference it will make for the feel of your home.

Take a look at these stylish items that will make your kitchen area inviting to everyone who comes over for dinner.

artichoke white 

dining table

star clock 

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