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Picking the perfect spring piece

What does Spring mean to you? Just another season sitting amiably between the chill of frosty winter and the heat of a spectacular blazing summer? Or does it have deeper connotations? Perhaps you liken it to a new start? The chance to blow away those cobwebs and begin again? Spring certainly brings new life to the world – blossom begins to flourish on trees, fresh green shoots drive their way through stubborn soil and nature welcomes a season of rebirth. Can this all have an impact on us? Does Spring make us want to join with nature and shed our winter coats in favour of a lighter, scantier option? It’s tempting, whilst winter is comforting and cosy it can leave us feeling lethargic and almost heavy, as we retreat inwards and seek solace in our home comforts.

From Darkness to Light.

Spring brings light, the drawn in evenings begin to lessen and the moon and stars are forced to beat a retreat as the sun holds onto its prime-time location for longer. Light is essential to our very being, it helps us to set our internal body clock, so getting the right amount at the right time is helpful for indicating when we should rise and when we should rest.

Wishing You a Good Morning.

The light that streams into your bedroom window each morning gives you that gentle wake-up call that nudges you to leave your bed and greet the day. Light provides you with a sense of alertness and energy that sets you up for what lies in store.

It’s Good Night from Us.

Just as you need morning light to welcome the day, you need a more subdued luminosity to prompt you to enter the hazy world of slumber. Harsh lights will keep you awake, make sure you set the tone before bed with delicate lighting to make you feel relaxed.

A Spring in Your Step.

The right amount of sleep can really add a spring to your step. As does making sure your home is “Spring ready.” Does it feel light and bright? Clean the windows and launder any soft furnishings that could do with a freshen up.

You might not want to go the trouble of redecorating but you can achieve a new look by simply having a spring clean and adding one or two pieces of stunning new furniture to lift your home.

Welcome Spring VOGA style.

Here at VOGA we like the idea of welcoming Spring and all it has to offer. Come and take a look at our beautiful mid-century and Scandinavian inspired furniture, with a focus on designers such as Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen and many more.

With stylish interiors to suit every taste, you will be sure to find complementary pieces that will bring out the best in your home. Check out a few of our best sellers, including the comfortable and striking Wing Chair Inspired by Hans J. Wegner, and consider adding a touch of finesse to your dining room with the distinctive and robust Tulip Dining Table Inspired by Eero Saarinen.

Spring into a new season with VOGA.