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Reinvent your style with our 2018 collection

Getting a bit bored of your boudoir? Feeling lacklustre about your lounge or is your dining room looking dowdy? Maybe it’s time to spruce up your home and add a little bravura. You don’t have to knock down walls or build an extension to change the look of your home, a mini-makeover can be very effective if carried out in the right way. Cast a critical eye around your home, what can you do to make it look more welcoming?

When you get in after a long day at work your home should feel like the center of your life, a place where you can enjoy work, rest and play. It should be your sanctuary, so if you aren’t walking in with a smile on your face ask yourself why. What can you do to your home to fill it with the sort of stylish cheer that will lift your spirits as you turn your key in the lock.

Change Your Colour Scheme.

One speedy makeover trick is to change your color scheme. You don’t have to repaint every wall, but you could consider a feature wall at least. Alternatively add a splash of color in your lounge or dining room with a brightly colored sofa or chairs. To add a new hue to your home check out The Wing Chair, inspired by Hans. J.Wegner. It’s available in 6 different colors and is not only cool to look at but also amazingly comfortable too.

Light It Up.

Funky lighting can really lift a room. Downy corners can be brightened up with tall lamps in the corners. If you’re after a cosy feel invest in a table lamp to add that low-light effect and if you want a new focal point for your room pull down the old dusty lamp shade in the center and replace with a statement piece. If you’re after something bold the Verner Panton replica Globe Lamp will fit the bill, this classic design from the Swinging Sixties is iconic and will add interest to your room.

Make the Most of Your Space.

Time to say goodbye to that clutter. Get rid of the paperwork that has been sitting on the sideboard for a month and put the books back in the bookshelf. Repositioning furniture can be a good way of making your room look fresher so move a few chairs around and add some greenery in the form of plants.

Pictures and mirrors add interest, if you have a gorgeous view to the garden make the most of it. Invest in a sofa you can relax on and watch the world go by. The Poet Sofa inspired by Finn Juhl really stands out with its solid wooden frame and cashmere upholstery, it screams luxury.

Reinvent Your Style with VOGA.

Here at VOGA, we like the idea of people surrounding themselves with stylish furniture and really making the most of their homes. Come and take a look at our beautiful mid-century and Scandinavian inspired furniture, with a focus on designers such as Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen and many more.

With stylish interiors to suit every taste, you will be sure to find complementary pieces that will bring out the best in your home.

Make the most of your home with VOGA.