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Sip sip! wine storage ideas

Ah, don't we all just love a glass of wine after a stressful day or week. If you are a wine lover, then you probably have a vast collection of wine bottles but where are they kept?

wine glass

And we know that a wine cellar would be THE most ideal place to store our bottles of wine, however, not many of us have the luxury (or the room) to have one in our humble abode.

wine cellar

So what is the solution? We improvise of course. There are many different wine storage ideas that are sure to give you inspiration to tidy away these bottles instead of having them splattered all over the house.

wine wall

Wine bottles can be stored in different areas of the home as a means to create an aesthetic appeal to the space you wish to store these in.

The kitchen would be the most suitable place to store these in as the glasses will be within reach too (plus the cork screw). A kitchen island can feature some storage space or a built-in shelf is also another creative way to decorate plain walls which looks incredibly glamourous.

wine kitchen

The dining area is arguably the heart of the home, where your guests and family will gather around for a few drinks or to have a meal, so naturally, this is another ideal place to have a cabinet just for those bottles.

lushome wine room

Here's a few tips from us but how would you chose to store your wine?

Take a look at these stunning items for some inspiration.

classic 3 tier componibili

nuvola rossa bookshelf

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