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Top 10 autumn trends

It’s time to cast away your summer wardrobe and break out your favourite cozy sweater. Summer is gone, which means autumn is here. The change in season calls for more than just changing your wardrobe. Your whole house can be adjusted to accommodate the crisp air and fallen leaves. Also, you may need to get rid of outdated furniture and adopt some new pieces in order to stay up to date with current design trends. To get your home ready for autumn, pay attention to these ten trends:

Live Foliage

Live Foliage Tolix Chairs Autumn

Autumn is a season of the outdoors. It’s warm enough so that you don’t need a dozen layers to keep from freezing, but cool enough so that you can go out and walk around without breaking into a sweat. You’ll want to stay outside as much as possible, but you can’t always be outside. That’s why you use live foliage, such as potted plants and hanging ferns, to bring the outdoors back in with you.

Dark Green

Dark Green Autumn Trends

Dark green furniture gives you the feel of live foliage without all the maintenance (you never need to water furniture).

If you have white walls, a dark green Kartell Componibili storage container would really pop.

You could go one step further and paint your walls green, which would give your room the lush atmosphere of a country estate.  

Light Pink

Pink Autumn Trends

Dark green may be too strong for your taste, though. In that case, light pink can give a room’s composition more contrast, but in a subtler way. 

White On White

White Autumn Trends

You might not want any contrast at all. White furniture against a white wall is a light, clean look. It goes well with the refreshing autumn breeze.
Looking for a chair to set in a white room? It doesn’t get classier than an Eames Lounge Chair in white.


Swan Chair Autumn Cashmere

Autumn is known for its sweater whether. It’s the best time of the year for cuddling up next to a loved one, or curling up on the couch with a blanket and a good book. Cashmere is the perfect complement for these cozy activities. If you’re in need of a new couch, consider a cashmere Poet Sofa.


Artichoke Light Autumn Trends

A brass lighting fixture inside your home is an excellent accent to the fallen leaves of brown, yellow, and red on the ground outside.

Gold Accessories

 Gold Autumn Accessories

Gold is like brass, but more high-class. Just don’t get carried away – too many gold accessories will look gaudy. There should be no more than three gold pieces in a room. Also, make sure to go with brushed gold, as polished gold can appear old-fashioned and snooty.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker Fruit Basket

There’s a difference between sleek and sterile. Is your coffee table missing something? Are your shelves just a little too bare? A small wicker basket can fill that hole for you. The beautiful thing about wicker baskets is that they’re remarkably versatile. In the kitchen, you can use them to store fruit. In the bathroom, you can use them to cover up extra toilet paper rolls. Or you can just leave them empty and use them to spruce up dead space.


Tray Autumn Inspiration

Bar carts are bulky. Instead, you should put your bottles and glasses on a tray. That’ll open up some leg room (for this reason, replacing a bar cart with a tray is an especially smart move if you live in an apartment rather than a house), and metallic material fits right in with the warm tones of autumn. Trays can do more than replace bar carts, of course. They make it easy to serve snacks to many people or a meal for two. Since you’ll want to take advantage of the nice autumn weather, you should pick up a tray to help with all the upcoming transportation from kitchen to yard.

Gallery Wall

Y- Chair picture wall

A gallery wall is a great way to give your home a personal touch.
Choose a wall in a particularly bare part of your home (you don’t want to make a busy part of your home even more cluttered). That’s your canvas.
Family photos should be displayed here, but getting more creative will allow your gallery to really stand out. If you have an interest in photography, this is your opportunity to show it off.
Alternatively, you could go to a flea market and find some interesting work there. A flea market is also the place to find funky picture frames, in case you’re going for a bohemian style.

Start Autumnising Your Home Today

From brass lighting fixtures to earth-toned furniture, we’ve got plenty of pieces that will help you welcome autumn into your home.