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Wander through the weekend: lifestyle furniture to transform your weekend (and your home)

There’s a reason everyone hangs out for Fridays. Because Friday means the weekend - the best part of the week - is peeking its head around the corner.

A time to relax and slow down, catch up with friends and family, and socialise over a light brunch or a big lunch.

A time you can leave worries of the working week behind.

And a time that you can spend in style.

Acapulco Chair

A stylish home isn’t just a lifestyle or a personal choice.Nor does it need to be up-market or conservative.Creating a casual ambience in your home sets up a perfect environment to entertain (and impress) your friends and family.

Today, we’re going to take a relaxed wander through some of the best lifestyle furniture on VOGA that’s sure to transform your weekends.

Chairs to Chill Out On

Acapulco Chair

Perfect for: Sinking into and throwing your cares away.

The 1950s were in full swing and Acapulco was THE holiday destination for anyone who was anyone.Nobody knows who invented the chair, but it first popped up in the holiday hot-spot and was soon a popular chair in Mexico.

Regardless of who the mysterious designer was, the Acapulco Chair is an iconic symbol of weekend furniture.You can’t help but want to sink into those woven strands and while the weekend away in blissful peace.

The perfect outdoor setting piece, the Acapulco chair is small enough to fit anywhere and comes in almost every colour imaginable.And for those who want to rock their cares away, the Acapulco Rocker might just what you’re looking for.


Tolix A Chair

Tolix Chair

Perfect for: any and all occasions where retro works.

With it’s metallic gleam and industrial design, the Tolix Chair doesn’t come as a lifestyle furniture classic at first glance.But it’s retro look and popularity in cafes (and increasingly homes) has seen this simple chair thrive for over 70 years.

It’s waterproof, so forgetting it’s still outside when the rain hits isn’t a problem.

It comes in just about any colour, so it can fit in with any interior or exterior design you have.

And its metallic frame is durable, so you’ll enjoy it for years.

If you prefer to perch a little higher, you could always check out the Tolix Stool.It’s another classic that’s moved beyond trendy cafes and into stylish homes.

Tolix Chair

Eames Dining Chair DCW

Perfect for: impressing your friends with a weekend dinner or get-together.

As far as stylish lifestyle furniture goes, there’s possibly little that can compare to the Eames Dining Chair.The separated seat and backrest form a unique silhouette, and the different wood finishes make it an adaptable addition to any weekend setting.

Oh, and the DCW stands for “Dining Chair Wood” (the Eames - designers of this iconic furniture - often abbreviated their furniture designs).

Eames Elephant

Perfect for: little kids who love to jump on things - or a surprising centrepiece in a dining room.

Eames Elephant

Yes, the Eames didn’t exclusively design furniture just for adults.

After refining a process for moulding plywood, this fun little “animal” was soon conceived.And while it was originally designed as a style piece for the living room, recent production of plastic elephants began.

With its bright colour and durability, the Eames Elephant retains all the charm of the original and is the perfect outdoors (or indoors) seat for little ones.

Elephant Stool

Perfect for: anything you want to do where some simple, no-fuss (but stylish) seating is needed.

No, it’s not the same seat as above.Continuing with the “elephant” theme is a stool that remains one of the most well-known examples of Japanese post-war design.

The Elephant Stool’s biggest strength is simplicity, but its soft curves add an aesthetic appeal.But while style may be an obvious attraction, but there are other reasons the stool is ideal lifestyle furniture.

It’s constructed of hard plastic and is easily stackable, so it’s perfectly suited for outdoor play or indoor style.It’s also small, which makes it an obvious candidate for portable picnic furniture.

Tables To Take A Break With

Tolix Side Table

Perfect for: almost anything - it’s a coffee table when you want to kick back with friends or a garden table for those outdoorsy weekend types.

Tolix Side Table

Remember those stylish Tolix Chairs?

Well, for those who love that retro look, there’s an accompanying piece.

The Tolix Side Table.

Strikingly elegant, the table is a close relative to the chair, designed in the same way, with the same look, and with the same high-quality steel.

And just like the chair, it’s available in a range of fun, weekend-loving colours.


Eames Wire Base Table

Perfect for: perching your drink on as you sat back and watched the world go by (maybe in an Acapulco Chair). 

Eames Wire Base Table

With yet another iconic piece of lifestyle furniture in the mix, it goes to show Eames knew exactly what they were doing!

With distinctive “Eiffel Tower” legs topped by a sturdy plywood bench, the table was the result of the Eames experimenting with new materials - such as wire and metal rods - in the 1940s.

Its construction is super-light, to it’s easy to carry.It also has a low profile, which makes it easily portable.In short, the table makes a great companion for a weekend picnic or BBQ.

What Type Are You?

Are you an indoors person on the weekends, preferring to enjoy the mod cons of your home?

Or are you the type to get outdoors, into the garden, the park, or even a pool or beach?

And based on that, which of these weekend furniture pieces appeal to you the most (and why)?