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Winter wonderland

5 Top Interior Design Trends This Winter

When it comes to interior design trends this winter, you may not be sure what’s trending (and what’s flopping).  But as the days start to shorten and the sun starts to cool, you know you’ve only got a few short months (or weeks) to make your home a winter wonderland.

Winter Eames Rocking Chair

Need some quick tips on what’s on point this year?  Here are 5 interior design trends for winter that are sure to heat up your home.

Shades of Silver

When it comes to which shades should be spicing up your home this winter, it might feel like “another year, another colour”.  But we’re glad to report you won’t be encumbered buying “eggplant purple” sofas or “blood orange red” throws as thermometers start to drop this year.

Instead, a timeless classic is making yet another comeback: grey.  This neutral shade is looking an instant winner this winter.  Fashion shows are seeing silver flit up and down the catwalk, while magazines are raving about rocking it in your hair.

Unsurprisingly, grey has popped up on the radar of interior design trends.  From smoky grays, snowy silvers or dark, wintry tones, this shade is a must-have for the serious interior designer.

Our tip: If you’re missing a dark grey to set off your living room, the Egg Chair might be the perfect “gap filler”.  Its stylish curves highlight the Danish design, and who knows winter better than Scandinavia?

Shades of Silver

Living Lagom

Lagom might not be a “Winter only” trend, but as we approach the end of the year, it’s a timely reminder that simplicity just works.

But what is Lagom, you ask?

Simply put, it’s the Swedish term for “enough, sufficient”.  Or as we like to term it, the “Goldilocks principle” - just right.

And it’s a trend that’s gathering pace, as everyone from Elle to The Guardian to wellness blogs across the Web have reminded us.  But the principles of sustainable living extend to interior design, with simple, clean designs over large, extravagant pieces.

Our tip: A masterpiece in simplicity, The Chair is a testament to Wegner’s “continuous purification” and embodies the principles of Lagom perfectly.

Living lagom

A Softened Spectrum

For a stylish 2017 winter...

Out: Bright, bold colours

In: A muted colour palette

While grey might be getting a lot of attention lately, it’s not the only colour you’ll want to look for this winter.  Ensuring your home is designed and furnished with a more neutral spectrum of colours - including beiges, whites, pastels and shades - is the way to stay on-trend.

But how best to do this?  Although obvious answers spring straight to mind - walls, ceiling, furniture - don’t disregard accessories.  Storage units, for example, aren’t often thought of when it comes to interior design, but can play their set in setting a room “just so”.

Our tip: for a chair that blends seamlessly into a neutral setting, you couldn’t look past the Teddy Bear Chair (created by Danish pioneering designer Hans Wegner).  Its generous shape can be upholstered in white, dark grey or light grey cashmere, making it the perfect “final jigsaw piece” for a room that’s suitably muted.


Bizarre Brilliance

When we think about accessories, we often think of things like throws, cushions, bowls and other knick knacks.

Lighting doesn’t enter the frame very often.

But it’s as much an accessory to your home as anything else.  And one of the top trends for this year’s cooler months is quirky lighting.  Whether it hangs as the centrepiece of your dining room, or sits as a trusty lamp by your bedside, lighting can add that little extra to any room.

Our tip: Want to spice up a room with some quirky lighting?  Vernor Panton’s Fun Wall Lamp might make a marvellous way to do that.

Bizarre Brilliance Lighting

Gorgeous Greens

You know how we said it was a year for grey?

Well, that shade’s not taking all the limelight.  There’s one colour in particular that’s set to be a sure-fire hit in many a winter home this year.  And that colour is green.

For those wanting to follow the more muted palette, khaki green may play a perfect part in their interior design plans.  Even fashionistas are talking up olive as a great complement to a mid-winter wardrobe

But for others ready to rebel against softened colours, don’t discount green too quickly. Rich, natural emeralds are also a winning choice.

Our tip: Decked out in olive green, the Wing Chair makes an ideal choice for anyone wanting to add a shade of green to their winter.

Gorgeous Greens

Whether you use 1, 2 or even all of these interior design trends this winter, you can be sure that your home will be a wintry delight your family and friends can enjoy.

  1. Take advantage of greys and similar shades
  2. Adopt a simple, minimalistic (but elegant) approach to your interior design
  3. Use a range of muted colours and light pastels
  4. Accessorise your lighting with some unusual designs
  5. Don’t be afraid to use green in your designs