Concert P1 Lamp

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Concert P1 Lamp
The Product The Specs
  • Replica Jørn Utzon Concert P1 Lamp
  • Stylish Scandinavian minimalism
  • Available in both black and white finishes
  • Perfect in either a dining room or lounge setting

Jørn Utzon Concert P1 Lamp's Jørn Utzon-inspired Concert P1 Lamp is expertly crafted and faithful to the original design, offering a smooth, sleek slice of Scandinavian minimalism to any room it hangs in. It consists of four glass shades which offer exceptional diffusion of light, creating a warm, comforting environment. It also, however, it illuminates the two upward shades and part of the cord, meaning that illumination is both bright and soft, with the parabola preventing any glare, making our VOGA Concert P1 Lamp the ideal centrepiece for your dining or living room.

The story behind the Jørn Utzon Concert P1 Lamp

As the name suggests, the Concert P1 Lamp has its roots in one of the most iconic musical venues in the world. First designed as part of the Sydney Opera House, its tapered, layered shades evoke the same sweeping curves and crisp white panels of one of the most famous buildings of the 20th Century. During the Concert P1 Lamp's development, Utzon sought to combine both the geometric and the natural, evoking the form of the seashell to create something that was simultaneously eye-catching and understated. What finally emerged from the workshop was a triumph of form, function and heart-stopping beauty. If you like the style of the Concert P1 Lamp, you might also like the Louis Poulsen Doo-Wop Pendant Lamp.

  • Width: 32 cm
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Depth: 32 cm
  • Packaging: 37cm x 37cm x 17cm
  • Packaging weight: 4 kg
  • Boxes: 1
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